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The Carpainter offer anyone and everyone truly transparent and honest services - at reasonable prices. 


For mobile service there will be additional mobile charges

▪️Durability : Up to 3 years with proper care 
Video shows its durability https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zPV2QgcAkwA&feature=youtu.be

▪️Will there be any problem with petrol kiosk jeep washing or pressure wash? 

❌ No problem at all! Check out our Facebook page. We have customers recording down their ride going for car wash and dip layer still in perfect condition :) 


Looking for plastidip service? 
✔️ Rims 
✔️ Spoiler 
✔️Side Skirt 
✔️ Emblem and logos 
✔️ Head Light 
✔️Brake Light 
✔️ Parts on car


We are the distributor for 
✔️SSCUS Sports seat 
✔️ Car Bodykit 
✔️Hurricane Air Filter 
✔️Official Applicator for TireSticker (USA)


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