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I'm a passionate car enthusiast and business owner, and I've been successfully Plastidipping cars for more than 5 years. What started as a hobby to customize my 10-year-old car has become a prosperous venture. 

After doing some research and testing, I decided to go ahead and launch my own business. I started working as a freelancer in my own garage, and after two years, I was able to open my own shopfront and offer more services.

It's been a real pleasure providing quality Plastidipping services to clients over the years, and I'm constantly striving to improve and grow my business. I'm grateful for all the support I have and I invite you to see what I have to offer. 

If you ever have any questions or need help, don't hesitate to get in touch. Thanks for visiting our website, and I'm looking forward to helping you make your car look amazing!


Do you crave a new look for your car? The Carpainter has the ideal solution! We offer a convenient, affordable, and safe way to customize your car.

Plastidip is a sprayable, removable coating--it's easy to use, unlike traditional vinyl stickers, and doesn't leave behind a mess when you remove it. 1000+ cars have been painted and reviewed positively--you can trust The Carpainters to deliver the best quality service.

Come find out why The Carpainter is the go-to choice for car customization and give your car the look it deserves!


To offer all car enthusiast a truly transparent, high quality and honest Plastidip service at affordable prices!


Painting your imagination into reality.
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